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Protecting Those Who Protect Us

K9 officers live to serve. They put their lives on the line every day to protect their handlers, fellow officers, and civilians. We owe it to our K9 protectors to do everything in our power to help them live the longest, healthiest lives possible.

Remembering Fallen K9s and Saving Those In Service

According to the Officer Down Memorial Page, three of the most common causes of death for police K9s are heat exhaustion, trauma (gunfire/stab wounds), and automobile crashes—all of which can be prevented with the proper training and equipment. This database doesn’t account for injuries sustained in the line of duty, many of which are also preventable.

How We Help

Our state-of-the-art trainings use equipment and teach K9 handling principles that simply have not been available before in law enforcement. Our trainings are focused on three primary principles for maximizing K9 officer survivability: injury prevention, medical intervention, and remaining calm.

Specifically, we teach K9 handlers how to:

Effectively deploy their K9 partners to minimize the risk put on the K9

Its simple: by learning to more safely handle their K9s, officers can both prevent injuries (like heat exhaustion, trauma, and automobile accidents) and perform their jobs more effectively.

Appropriately and quickly treat injuries sustained in the line of duty

Three minutes is all it takes for a K9 to succumb to a life-threatening injury like a stab or gunshot wound. We teach officers how to treat injuries on their K9s, themselves, and civilians. We also equip them with state-of-the-art medical kits.

Remain calm in emergency situations

Not all emergencies are preventable. When seconds matter, officers must act quickly and calmly. Our trainings help officers save as many lives as possible: both K9 and human.

At the conclusion of every KILO-9 Workshop, at least one participant has encountered a critical incident within 30 days that required these life-saving skills. Because of our trainings, lives have been saved.

Your Donation Saves Lives


3 minutes. This countdown started when you loaded this page. That’s all it takes for a K9 to succumb to a life-threatening injury like a stab or gunshot wound. Likewise, 3 minutes is all it takes to donate online. Your donation will help prevent avoidable injuries and equip officers to treat K9s in the line of duty.

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