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What is KILO-9?

The KILO-9 Foundation is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that provides relevant, realistic training to law enforcement officers so that they can provide critical life-saving treatment in the field to injured K9s.

What do you do to help police K9s?

When an officer joins a K9 services team at their department, he or she is trained on dog handling basics and basic first aid maneuvers. However, this training doesn’t often translate to real, high-stress situations that officers often find themselves in.

KILO-9 uses military principles to help officers learn how to not just remember their training, but to execute it to the best of their ability. We train in high-stress situations so that officers are equipped to handle everything thrown their way. We teach more advanced first aid as well as preventative handling measures so that K9s stay safe. We also provide necessary equipment for life-saving techniques in the field.

How many K9s lose their lives in the line of duty?

Unfortunately, hundreds of police K9s have paid the ultimate sacrifice, and countless others have endured serious injuries. So many of these situations could be prevented with proper training. If you’d like to contribute to the cause, please consider donating to the KILO-9 Foundation.

Who can participate in a training?

Our trainings are designed for law enforcement officers.

What do your trainings cover?

We offer two main trainings: a Basic Medicine Training and a K9 Tactical Workshop. Both trainings are designed for law enforcement officers.

Our Basic Medicine Training is a foundational course that consists of lectures and hands-on training in a low-stress classroom environment. Our K9 Tactical Workshop builds on this knowledge and is designed to help officers retain information in high-stress scenarios. Visit our trainings page to learn more.

How do the trainings work?

KILO-9 partners with host organizations (law enforcement agencies) throughout the country. The host organization is responsible for providing a location for the training as well as certain necessary equipment.

Typically, after a law enforcement agency contacts us to express interest in hosting a training, we help them coordinate the event and then begin advertising the training. Officers at that agency can share information and sign-up instructions with their network, and KILO-9 will promote the training on our website and social media as well.

How do I attend a KILO-9 training?

If you’re a law enforcement officer interested in one of our trainings, simply explore the options we have to offer and fill out an interest form for either type of training, and we’ll be in touch about any upcoming trainings in your general area.

If we have any pre-scheduled trainings, you’ll also see them on our trainings pages. Simply click on a pre-scheduled training to go to that registration page.

How do I host a training?

If you work for a law enforcement agency, we encourage you to explore the types of trainings we offer and determine which one you’re interested in hosting. Then, just contact us to express interest—it’s really that easy! Once contact is made we can begin to customize which course is most suitable based upon the needs in your area and the training sites available.

What is the cost of a KILO-9 training?

Costs vary by the course length but here at KILO-9 we have made every effort to keep our training events cost affordable for both the officers and their agencies. The cost is $109.00 per day of training. For example, our most popular course, the 3-Day Tactical K-9 Deployment Workshop, would cost a participant $327.00 to attend. However, support from donors, sponsors, and agencies help keep the cost low for participants.

How do you manage to keep the course costs so affordable?

As a nonprofit, our organization has been blessed with support from some truly amazing people and companies that want to make a difference in the Working Dog community. Thanks to these donations KILO-9 is able to cover over half of the total course costs for each training event allowing for participants to have a low and affordable course fee.

I want to support KILO-9; how do I donate?

First of all, thank you for your support, each donation goes a long way. Online donations can be made here.

You can make a one-time donation or can even sign up to support KILO-9 monthly by becoming a LifeSaver, pledging only a $9/month will provide a medical kit for a handler to treat themselves and their K9 partner in the event they receive a critical injury in the field.

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